CALL US FIRST!  We want to get to know you and your project.  We will spend some time on the phone understanding your money need and then work to get you funded quickly!


  • Low credit score?  It's ok!

  • Foreclosure, bankruptcy or late payments?  It's ok!*

  • Foreign national?  It's ok!

Buy, Fix & Flip Loans

Whether you are a seasoned or new real estate investor, we are here to help you get the money you need for your project.  The earlier you engage us in your project, the better.  We offer coaching, deal analysis, and then walk you through the lending process.  It's streamlined, easy process to keep you focused on what's important - your project's success!

  • Term:  6 months - 24 months

  • Pre-Pay Penalty:  No*

  • Property Types:  Single family, multi-family (2 - 50 units), and commercial properties

  • LTV:  Up to 100% Loan-to-Value

  • Other:  Not only can we provide lending, we have 50 other vetted, qualified lenders we work with to get you funded should you not meet our lending criteria!

  • Property Types:  Single family, multi-family (2 - 50 units), and commercial properties

  • LTV:  Varies based on transaction

  • Pre-Pay Penalties:  No*

  • Quick loan quote

  • Access to ongoing real estate coaching

If you're looking to purchase a rental property for monthly cash-flow, this option would be best for you.  We can get you the transactional funding you need to close quickly and then you can refinance into a longer term and lower rate.

Buy, Fix & Hold For Cash Flow

Have you tried getting your commercial real estate project financed through a bank only to be turned down?  Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.  When you've located a deal in a great location and at a great price, this can be frustrating to say the least!

Action Capital Source understands that time is money and your ability to get a commercial loan to secure your real estate investment is crucial.  We will work alongside of you to get you the funding you need and become your preferred lender.

Commercial Investment Loans
Cash-out Refinancing

Do you have a property that you want to refinance so you can pull cash out?  This is the loan you need.

  • 50%+ LTV for cash-out refinances

  • No seasoning requirements*

  • No pre-payment penalties*

  • Quick loan quote

  • Access to ongoing real estate coaching

New Construction Loans

Do you have a land development project but can't find the funding?  We can help!  Our team of seasoned loan analysts understand the lending process very well but many of them are seasoned and active real estate investors and developers.  These loans are generally shorter term and fund more quickly than those of banks.

To get started, complete the form above and a loan analyst will call you to discuss your funding need.

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels

  • Single family homes

  • Subdivisions

  • Condo/townhomes

  • Small to midsize apartment buildings

  • 2-4 unit properties (duplex/quadplex)

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*Will accept applicants who have had a foreclosure or bankruptcy that is a year or older